Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It has been one week since we have had hot water, how many more days do you think it will be?:)

Zone Conference

Yesterday I was able to attend zone conference and listen to President and Sister Anderson speak. As usual it was incredible!! I made me feel like a missionary all over again.

Who needs seat belts when we are always packed in like sardines:)

Visiting NewLight's (Shinegerel) family.

One of my favorite things since being back is just hanging out with my new members. Bilguun, the 13 yr old who went to church for 3 years by himself and whose mom decided she wanted to be a member too when she went to his baptism, and I checking our e-mail at the internet cafe:)

June 18th I went to Sukhbaatar square to watch the inauguration of the new President of Mongolia, Elbegdor. It was Mongolia’s fifth presidential election since the overturn of Soviet Union government in 1990.